Slovesa často pojí s určitými předložkami, i když ne všechna. Zkuste si vybavit správné předložky u níže uvedených sloves. Občas žádné předložky není třeba a mezera zůstane prázdná.

  1. Oh no, she smiled ____ me. How can something so simple be so strong?
  2. He threw the keys ____ me but I was not able to catch them.
  3. You have got many friends you can rely ____.
  4. I don’t think that much of what happened can be blamed ______ him.
  5. I was very happy to meet Mr Naidoo at the airport in Bucharest, where we waited ____ some other students to arrive.
  6. We have just succeeded ______ selling our ideas to someone who will pay.
  7. Spencer left his hometown ____ Hollywood to become a star.
  8. Have you apologised ______ him yet?
  9. I have never heard ____ an exit visa. What in the world is that?
  10. Sam apologised ______ his behaviour.

1. at 2. to 3. on 4. on 5. for 6. in 7. for 8. to 9. of 10. for

  1. Daniela was always complaining ____ her boss ____ her colleagues.
  2. At this point it is necessary to discuss ______ the matter in a more detailed way.
  3. He was accused ____ passing military secrets to the enemy.
  4. A computer consists ______ hardware, software, and firmware components.
  5. Our centre specialises ______ counselling services to unemployed women.
  6. Nigel used to spend a lot of money ____ branded clothing.
  7. The antenna needs to be pointed ______ the TV transmitter, for best results.
  8. If you supply us ______ a valid e-mail address, we may be able to help.
  9. The arctic explorers were suffering ____ extreme thirst, hunger, and exposure to the sun.
  10. We need to discuss ____ our plan in detail.

11. about, to 12. – 13. of 14. of 15. in 16. on 17. at 18. with 19. from 20. –

  1. Our mother pointed her camera ______ us and said, “Say cheese.”
  2. She specialises ____ Italian Art and Architecture of the 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries.
  3. I was trying to concentrate ____ the game but I lost again.
  4. Back in 1990’s our company used to spend a lot ______ advertising campaigns.
  5. Everybody blamed Christy _____ the accident.
  6. The Carphone Warehouse can supply you ____ everything you need including mobile phones accessories, MP3 players, broadband accessories and much more!
  7. It strikes me that some people will complain ______ anything.
  8. Jones described ______ Susan how the African people, especially the children, did not wear much clothing.
  9. A copyright will protect you ____ pirates.
  10. “All the people of the world can be divided ____ three groups: those who can count and those who cannot.”

21. at 22. in 23. on 24. on 25. for 26. with 27. about 28. to 29. against/from 30. into

  1. Many students complained ______ poor library service.
  2. Fiona only cares ____ her look and is interested ____ makeup, skin care and hairstyling.
  3. Most managers never discuss ______ their decisions.
  4. We are the bad guys your parents warned you ______!
  5. It reminds me ____ that episode of the Simpsons where Marge buys Homer some ice cream topped with mini-cherry pies, and it looks just as silly.
  6. One suggestion was to ask the company ____ more sponsorship money for our exhibition.
  7. Our teacher described ______ us the daily life of the Peruvian Indians.
  8. Jane does not like any sort of camera pointed ____ her without permission.
  9. You remind me ____ somebody whom I have not seen for a long time.
  10. James only lives ____ 10% of his income.

31. about 32. about, in 33. – 34. about 35. of 36. for 37. to 38. at 39. of 40. on

  1. Why do you blame her ______ what happened? I think you should rather point the finger ______ someone else.
  2. Let me describe ____ you what I saw when I put my glasses on.
  3. They specialise ______ handmade diamond jewellery, engagement rings and wedding rings.
  4. I must remind James ____ the party tonight. I’m sure he has completely forgotten.
  5. We can supply them ______ high quality and competitive price.
  6. ‘I don’t care too much ____ money; money can’t buy me love!’
  7. I apologise ____ what happened. It was my mistake.
  8. From an early age she dreamt ____ becoming an actress.
  9. This job will provide you ______ current and up to date training.
  10. Darren only listens ____ heavy metal music.

41. for, at 42. to 43. in 44. about 45. with 46. for 47. for 48. of/about 49. with 50. to

  1. Several customers have complained ______ delays in getting the goods which had been fully paid for.
  2. Looking for a new job? This website will provide you ____ all the information you need!
  3. I think we should thank ______ Emily for the excellent idea to invest into getting a playground for our kids.
  4. Tula has been warned ______ the danger of lighting candles in her bedroom thousand times!
  5. Paul shouted ____ me from behind the door but I didn’t understand a thing.
  6. What happened ____ your old friend Mr Bertram Wooster?
  7. Who was to blame ______ the start of the First World War?
  8. I applied ____ that position they advertised in the situations vacant pages last week.
  9. What do you think ____ the movie Twister?
  10. Our team did not succeed ______ the competition and won the second place.

51. about 52. with 53. – 54. about/of 55. at 56. to 57. for 58. for 59. of 60. in

  1. You must apologise ____ him ____ what you did.
  2. Your company has always understood our requirements and provided us ______ the most appropriate technology support.
  3. Paula succeeded ____ starting her own business last year.
  4. The maximum I would spend ______ jeans is $50.
  5. We should thank ____ Edward ____ what he has done for us.
  6. I have been thinking ____ selling my old computer for last couple of days.
  7. The government has spent enormous sums ______ social programs.
  8. I think you should discuss ______ your ideas with the manager and try to get her support.
  9. The multi-media division specialises ______ the design, production and development of small and medium sized telecommunications systems.
  10. Can you describe ______ me how it happened?

61. to, for 62. with 63. in 64. on 65. –, for 66. about 67. on 69. in 70. to

  1. According to an American Medical Association study, nearly 25 percent of people ages 13 to 18 said their parents had supplied them ______ alcohol.
  2. Why do you blame me ______ absolutely everything that goes wrong?
  3. What one thing would you like to try that your family would never approve ____?
  4. If what some experts have warned us ______ is only half true, we’re in trouble.
  5. We apologise ______ any inconvenience this may cause.
  6. He loves his son, even though he doesn’t approve ____ a lot of things he does.
  7. Her father cannot forgive her ____ marrying a foreigner.
  8. I think that commercial televisions have lowered people’s expectations for humour so low that they will laugh ____ anything, no matter how stupid.
  9. Disappointed customers will complain ____ you to an average of ten other customers and potential customers, multiplying the damage to your reputation.
  10. We need to discuss ____ the new society that will be built after the revolution.

71. with 72. for 73. about 74. about/of 75. for 76. of 77. for 78. at 79. about 80. –

  1. This website has always supplied me ____ quick, reliable service, with no problems and great technical support.
  2. Mark liked gardening, and he specialised ____ growing enormous onions.
  3. Yesterday’s papers wrote about another financial scandal that nobody is to blame ____.
  4. All our employees have been warned ____ the latest email virus.
  5. This software will remind you ____ your New Year’s resolutions in March and even in November!
  6. The patient was complaining ____ back pain.
  7. I complimented the actress ____ her excellent performance and requested permission to take her picture.
  8. I used to spend too much money ____ books.
  9. They invited me to the restaurant and insisted ____ paying.
  10. Before they graduate, the students must succeed ____ compulsory foreign language examination.

81. with 82. in 83. for 84. of 85. about 86. of 87. on 88. on 89. on 90. in

  1. Could you describe ____ me what happened?
  2. Brian is a good person to know. He is somebody you can rely ____.
  3. In 1999 Maria left Prague ____ New York to start a new career there.
  4. When Tom came to the meeting he apologised ____ everybody ____ the delay.
  5. Can anybody please explain ____ me why my computer never works right?
  6. At the end of the meeting everybody thanked ____ Rhonda for the delicious refreshments.
  7. Simon got angry and started shouting ____ me.
  8. When George’s father was seriously ill, he used to take care ____ him every day.
  9. Erica was upset that we didn’t wait ____ her to eat.
  10. When she was a student she used to live ____ very little money.

91. to 92. on 93. for 94. to, for 95. to 96. – 97. at 98. of 99. for 100. on